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Our Décor Specialist Mr. HarshVARDHAN , works as per taste and preference of client and deliver solutions that go beyond client expectation has always been the driving force for many of his successful projects over the years. From quirky to minimalistic, from traditional to contemporary, he makes sure to work around a package that suits both your budget & taste. Our Décor specialist Mr. Abhishek Arora develops each event as an architect would design a signature space. An Architect by education, he introduces the highest principles of art and design with exacting attention to every detail to create an environment that exists for a few magnificent moments. Over the years he has collaborated with infrastructural , lighting and floral vendors seamlessly blending/integrating his services in the final output in locations as diverse as NCR,Udaipur, Hyderbad,Kolkata, Phuket,Shanghai & Hongkong.