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JUST WEDDINGS specializes in Ballroom Parties, a total international seating concept which will make your party the talk of the town. This arrangement can be done for a party of 100-1000 guests.

Why have a JW Ballroom Party?
You’ve been planning this wedding right down to the color boutonniere your groom would have, but did you take some time to envision the wedding reception seating arrangements or the set-up of the tables? Probably not in as much detail! Nowadays when choosing a color scheme or a theme to your wedding, couples envision many aspects of their final reception look with table arrangements being just as important as the linens, lighting and flowers. Whether you’re going for an intimate setting or lavish affair, reception seating has the ability to transform a venue!

The process

Escort Cards
These cards lead each guest to their pre-assigned tables. The guests at your party will be greeted by a hostess and will be given an envelope with their names on the outside and their table numbers on the card inside.

Who sits where?
Bridal table: The bride and groom may sit at a long rectangular head table or round table at the focal point of the room, or alternatively, at their very own "sweetheart" table. The bridal table is usually set apart from the others by some type of special decoration, such as flowers, etc.

Family Tables: The parents of the bride and groom sit opposite each other at a large family table, with grandparents and other close friends.

Friends - Mix or Match: As for your rest of the guests,if you have a group of friends that cannot fit at one table, split them down the middle, and fill in each table with other guests.If you have guests who don't know anyone, seat them near guests with similar interests. Whatever you do, don't leave one of the gang out.

Children: If you have several children at your wedding, seat them together at a separate kids' table.

Once we have all the guests seated, we can now go ahead with the JW Ballroom Party. Guests will sit at their assigned tables and enjoy the entertainment that you have chosen (Dance, Performances, Speeches, etc.) along with snacks and drinks being regularly served to them at their very own tables.